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A Visit with Napoleon Hill

     Today I reach out over the distance which separates me from those who BELIEVE in me; those who have profited because of my influence, and extend to them the hand of friendship.


     Through the Golden Rule Magazine, which I founded at the close of the World War, I had the privilege of reaching many hundreds of thousands of people. As far as I know, that Magazine did no reader any injury. It was helpful to many, evidence of which may be found in the fact that many of my former readers still have every issue of that publication despite the fact that is was begun over eleven years ago.


     The passing years have brought me much experience and, I trust, a little wisdom. I have seen the death of an old age and the birth of a new one. I have come into personal contact with practically every problem which disturbs the minds and the hearts of men. I know what failure is because I have tasted of it. I know what poverty is because I have experienced it. I know what ignorance and superstition are because I was born in a community which suffered by both.


     And, because I have walked through the “valley of the shadow” of life, and have tasted of both the bitter and the sweet, I feel that I have been seasoned for useful service to those who have not yet reached the valley. 


    I am engaged in the work of helping people to “find themselves.” Meanwhile, I have reason to believe that I have “found myself” in this labor of practical ministry.

     Napoleon Hill has, no doubt, inspired millions to use their minds to the fullest; teaching, the only barriers to your success are blockades set up in your own thoughts.

Remember that your only real limitation is the one which you set up in your own mind.

—Napoleon Hill

     If you truly believe anything is possible by applying set laws, you already hold the key that unlocks unrealized potential in your quest for a successfully designed life.

    The inaugural year of Hill's Golden Rule Magazine that launched him into national prominence, allows you to experience the foundation of Hill's philosophy and mission. Original writings every month put you behind the scenes as the formulation of The Law of Success and Think and Grow Rich take shape.

     Discover Applied Psychology, a lost success course appearing as monthly articles throughout the year.

     Now you can, for the first time in a hundred years, unlock the latches, pry open the lid and unearth lost motivational treasures buried between brown covers of century-old writings.

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