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COVID-19 Is A Time To Invest In Ourselves

COVID-19 has consumed every avenue of our lives, from social media and news outlets to dinner conversations with family and friends. It's all the buzz each second of every day.

But should it be at the center of our attention?

If we could shift our focus for a moment, perhaps this pandemic is not a curse but an opportunity, we would otherwise not take, to invest in ourselves.

The weight we wished we had time to lose.

The course we wished we had time to take.

The program we wished we had time to sign up for.

The business venture we wished we had time to embark on.

The book we wished we had time to read.

Coronavirus has no doubt been an inconvenience and caused some, if not a lot of, fear in all of us.

Fear is faith in reverse gear. —Napoleon Hill

But fear is what robs us of time. It not only sets us back on our goals, but it also steals the fuel needed to move forward with our dreams. And as we all know, time is truly the most precious and irreplaceable commodity.

If fear had its way, it would leave us empty-handed and muttering "I wish" until our measure of time is spent on earth.

This pandemic, if converted into positive energy, has the potential to fuel us to reach greater heights in our journey toward success. It has endowed us with that priceless substance we call time.

Time for losing the weight.

Time for taking a new course.

Time for a new program.

Time for a new business venture.

Time for a book.

No, COVID-19 does not have to plant seeds of fear; instead, let it help us seize the opportunity to harness time to invest in ourselves and accomplish the dreams on our wish list.

Tell me, what's on your wish list now that you have time?

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